10 Class Pass: Mindful Hatha Yoga – Online (Beaumaris Yacht Club when possible)


Is it time now to dust off the cobwebs and be energised by some mindful movement? Are you looking to get moving in a progressive, low-impact, healthy and safe way? Does being part of a friendly, easy-going small group motivate you to enjoy a regular practice now? GREAT! . . . This is the place for you as I love teaching functional yoga that honors the individuality of each of our unique bodies through a low-impact (i.e joint-friendly), sustainable experience of mobility, strength and mind:body awareness.

This is the premise of Functional Hatha Yoga “We don’t use the body to get into a pose. We use the pose to get into the body.” This means that you can arrive as you are and we will work with that to create benefit for you. We won’t all look the same (and nor should we), however we will all benefit in the ways we need to. To achieve this, I will email you a brief registration/medical disclaimer form upon payment. If unsure, please check with your doctor that this is the right choice for you.

Mindful Hatha Yoga
Instructor: Melitta Pinney
Certified Level One, Yoga Teachers Association Australia
Earlybird Price (until 8pm, 13.7.2020) : $150 AUD for 10 x 1hr group classes
Thereafter: $170 AUD for 10 x 1hr classes
Dates: Thursday 16th July – Thursday 17th September inclusive

With a very heightened awareness of our current Covid situation here in Melbourne; please be assured that:
– I will only ever teach when 100% well (and would enlist a cover teacher if needed)
– The premises is cleaned after every group activity held there and the strictest hygiene measures taken
– Physical distancing will be maintained and we have are lucky to have ample space to accommodate 10 people
– If you are unwell, you can join the session as a Zoom participant or choose a maximum of 2 ‘make-up sessions’ from the other online classes I teach throughout the week. As such, there are no refunds for classes missed.
– To maintain the above efforts, you will need to bring your own yoga mat and at least one yoga block (preferably two) to and from class each time. Rebel are a ready supplier of these items.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with me: 0408 266 267

With Joy,
~ Melitta