Reality Check

Do you ever find yourself generating ideas that bring a bolt of adventure up your spine and a beaming smile to your face? Can you allow your mind to really consider these gems of inspiration or are they quickly ushered away by the ‘fun-police’ voice that tells you “That’s a crazy idea” or “You can’t do that?” Do you notice yourself favoring one over the other? Have you got a frequent flyer pass for one and a ‘no fly’ zone for the other?

I mention it because it happens to me quite often and I’m curious about how others experience this phenomenon. I mean, how do we REALLY know what is true, false, helpful, unhelpful, to be acted upon or not? Our minds have a phenomenal aptitude for filtering stimulus according to our beliefs, values and memories. So, how do we really know which version is correct? After all, we have 50 thoughts per minute or 60 – 80,000 per day! Surely there is some clever selection process in play right???

YES THERE IS and even more spectacular is the fact that we have the power to change it. Remember that our thoughts (or at least those that we accept as valid; be it consciously or not) set up an emotional response within us; firing off various hormones around the body which affects our physiology and health. The flow-on effect is that we then act or behave in a certain way (often habitually) to respond to that emotional and physiologically state. Can you now see the powerful thought – reality link that we all have the ability to change?

There is a beautiful old Indian story that I’d like to share with you to further extend this idea of reality . . .
Two blind men come across what they have been told is an elephant (for the first time.) One man has the trunk in his hands and explains that an elephant is a flexible, wrinkly, slimy thing like a giant slug. The other man has the tail and fervently disagrees stating that an elephant is a hard, thin, wispy, brush-like thing that moves a lot. Both men believe that they know the reality of what an elephant is. Is either man wrong? Can they both be right at the same time? Each has his own experience and perspective which he believes to be true.

Take 5 – Honestly ask yourself

Which ‘reality’ or current life situation do I feel/think I am stuck in right now?
What ‘reality’ or outcome am I seeking?
Which beliefs will support this new reality?

I’d love to hear how you go with this! Feel free to share it below or message me.



~ Melitta


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